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Northern British Columbia is one of the most colourful, diverse and eclectic regions in Canada. The character of the area is largely shaped by the unique businesses and entrepreneurs that are at the heart of our vibrant communities. Enjoy a true northern experience by joining the Love Northern BC community!


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Our Love Northern BC team are “owl” working hard to complete some needed updates on the site. We will not be accepting new business applications moving forward.

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Businesses in Northern B.C. are leaders in creating jobs, new revenues and improve the quality of life in the region, and we are dedicated to supporting their growth! Check them out below!

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Keeping your dollars circulating locally is key to the economic health of your community. Shifting your spending to funnel more dollars into local businesses can pave way for growth, new jobs, a thriving economy, and keeps creative people in your community. Check out these resources below for other ways to support local businesses.

The following is a list of grant databases which contain information about grant funding opportunities available to municipal governments, non-profit organizations, and First Nations groups. The grant databases are updated continuously, and new grants are generally added as soon as application details are made public.

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Strengthen your local economy and keep your money close to home. Learn more about the power of Farmers Markets in these resources from the BC Association of Farmers Markets!

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In 2018, there were a total of 517,100 businesses operating in British Columbia. Small businesses comprise 98 per cent of this number, accounting for 1.1 million jobs. They’re also spread throughout the province, with the North Coast and Nechako regions registering a 31.9 per cent growth in the number of small businesses between 2014 and 2018.

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LOCO and Vancity teamed up to measure the impact of common purchases. We worked with Offsetters and Civic Economics for the carbon and economic analysis. We looked at the purchase of five products - a loaf of bread, a caffe latte, blueberries, a dress, and a bicycle - from local businesses compared to imported products from non-local businesses. We found that locally grown or made product results in a greenhouse gas reduction benefit of between 5% and 66% compared to imported products, that local products produce a local economic benefit between 2.0 and 7.1 TIMES that of imported products (average of 4.1 times), and that a local retailer compared to a non-local retailer that is purely online has a benefit of 107 TIMES.

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This is a fantastic program and really benefits our community and all northern communities that are involved. Action Play cafe is very pleased to be a part if this program.

~ Amber Bell, Action Play Café Tumbler Ridge

The profile looks incredible!!! I am very pleased! The feel, the information, the vision, the photographs - So happy with it!

~ Michelle Worton, Blooming Smiles Dental Hygiene Fort St. John

It looks and sounds absolutely amazing! I'm happy with everything that is mentioned and it is written so well!

~ Danika Malm, Old Airport Gardens Lillooet

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Love every piece of it. Good job!

~ Christina Watts, Ridgeside Art Prince George