Haida Jaada’s Suds n Stuff Inc.

Personal Care

Irene Mills manufactures handcrafted artisan soap and body care products using natural ingredients including certified organic oils and butter. Where possible she uses locally source ingredients such as ale sourced from the Wheelhouse Brewing Company, essential oil from the Metlakatla First Nation, Sea Water and Sea Salt derived from the nutrient rich waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, Irene considers the environment in all aspects of her business. This includes using Biolefin, a food grade bio-degradable shrink wrap film to package all of her soaps with.

Haida Jaada’s Suds n Stuff offers a wide variety of products such as soap, shampoo, laundry butter, bath salts, lip balms, salves, aftershave, body lotion, emulsifying sugar scrubs, butter for baby’s bottom, exotic face elixirs, massage oil and air fresheners.

Meet Irene Mills

Meet Irene Mills

Irene loves living in Prince Rupert because people help out each other and there are always smiling faces on the street. In 2015, Irene became an entrepreneur to share her creative products with others.

For over 15 years, she followed her passion and made unique and high-quality personal care products that are both healthy and natural. Irene is happy to offer her soap, lotions, body butter, shampoo and so much more to her customers through her business, Haida Jaada's Suds n Stuff.

Using locally sourced ingredients in her products is something that Irene is very proud of and she is also pleased to support the businesses that assist in her product creation. She likes Prince Rupert's active small business culture and appreciates the Last Minute Market in the Moose Hall that is opened most Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. "This market allows craftspeople without a storefront to have a regular place to sell their products, expand their customer base, raise awareness of what they have to offer and gain insight into their product for building their business plan," said Irene.

Irene loves living in the North. When she isn't busy with creating and selling her business products, she enjoys bringing out her other artistic talents of traditional cedar weaving, spinning and dyeing yarn for Raven's Tail Weaving.

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