Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked – you are not the only one with questions. Here are some of the most common inquiries we hear.

Why can’t my franchise/home based distribution business/direct sales enterprise/branded dealership join Love Northern BC?

Love Northern BC is specifically designed to promote businesses that do not have marketing resources from head office or name recognition.

I’ve submitted my application, when will the photographer come and take pictures?

After your application is approved, you can expect an invoice for a $100 fee from your Community Champion shortly. You will not be contacted by our photographer until this invoice is paid. Those $100 are used by Community Champions to promote the program locally (Shop Local events, contests, posters, branded shopping bags etc)

Do I get to choose which professional photographer takes pictures of myself and my business?

Northern Development works with a network of photographers in each community. Once a business has paid their $100 one-time fee, our photographer will reach out to the business owner within five business days to schedule a photoshoot within five business days.

Will the writer reach out to me directly?

Our writer will use the answers you provided in your application to craft a description about your businesses and your journey as an entrepreneur – they will not reach out to you directly. You will have a chance to review the text before it goes live on the site.

Can I use photos from the Love Northern BC site for a marketing campaign/article/website project?

While we are happy to let businesses use our photos externally to promote Love Northern BC, we are not able to allow those same businesses to replicate the photos to promote a different program. The photographers we hire for LNBC follow a very specific look and feel that is proprietary to LNBC and something we have worked hard to develop.