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Satisfy your sweet tooth at Island Sugar, Prince Rupert’s only locally owned-and-operated mobile treat shop. Kids and kids-at-heart will find a delightful array of old-fashioned sweets and delectable ice cream treats. Look for Island Sugar’s vintage tricycle around some of Prince Rupert residents’ favourite summer hangouts: the park, community events, maybe even in your neighbourhood on your very own street. You can even bring a little Island Sugar to your next birthday party, family reunion or special event. Island Sugar’s build-your-own sundae bar makes any celebration a hit.

Meet Andrea Pollock & Stephanie Huddlestan

Meet Andrea Pollock & Stephanie Huddlestan

Few things bring more delight to a child (and many adults too) than a sweet candy or ice cream treat. It is one of the things that Andrea Pollock and Stephanie Huddlestan love most about their business. It's just a simple thing, but it can make someone's day and even make for fond childhood memories.

Andrea knew from a young age that she would own a business. "I was industrious as a kid," she says. "I like following my own lead." So when she had an idea for a old fashioned-style treat shop on wheels, she partnered with Stephanie Huddlestan to put together a plan and get the business off the ground and the wheels on the ground in local parks, neighbourhoods and at community events.

Andrea and Stephanie are both actively involved in the community in a variety of ways, including volunteering. Andrea also owns and lives at Tall Trees Bed & Breakfast, and she co-owns Eagle Close Executive B & B with another business partner.

412 8 Ave E
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 2M8


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