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Trusted in the community for over 30 years, the skilled professionals at Williams Lake Physiotherapy Clinic offer a myriad of treatment methods proven to restore and maintain optimal physical function and mobility. Whether you’re just recently injured or you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for years, physiotherapy is an essential approach to bodily wellness.

Focusing on the well-being of patients coming in with concerns related to chronic ailments, work, accident and sport-related injuries, Williams Lake Physiotherapy Clinic enlists certified physiotherapists who demonstrate thorough and personalized care. Offered services include sport, orthopedic, dry needling and acupuncture treatments, all delivered with exceptional expertise set to get you enjoying life once again. The well-reviewed clinic also boasts physiotherapists who specializes in women’s health issues such as pelvic floor rehabilitation. In addition to this, the clinic also works with patients who deal with vertigo as well as concussion assessment and rehabilitation.

No matter your physical injuries, Williams Lake Physiotherapy Clinic is focused on getting you back to the activities and lifestyle you deserve- all without pain and limitations.

Williams Lake Physiotherapy Clinic processes ICBC and Worksafe claims. Call today for your appointment.

Meet Surita Gaspar

Meet Surita Gaspar

Surita Gaspar graduated from a South African physiotherapy program in 2006, quickly obtaining a position in a prestigious clinic for 11 years. During that time, she worked her way up to the top as senior physiotherapist, earning herself a reputation as an exceptional professional. The physiotherapist was certain she had found her lifelong passion, and yet still a piece of her heart was longing for something more.

With family members abroad, Surita began expressing interest in pursuing opportunities in Canada, honing her sights on small, inclusive communities such as Williams Lake. Dr. Billy Longland, brother to Surita, also made the long trek from across the globe to settle in the Cariboo many years earlier. Billy didn't have to work too hard to convince his sister, and by following in his footsteps, Surita found exactly what she was looking for- a place for her and her family to call home. In 2017 the Gaspar family relocated to Williams Lake where Surita jumped onboard with the team at Williams Lake Physiotherapy Clinic. Within less than a year she transitioned from beloved employee to newfound owner of the business!

With two young boys that like to keep her on her toes, staying active is an easy feat and one that the entrepreneur thoroughly enjoys. Her husband, João Gaspar, works as the clinic's business manager and is a huge support to Surita. She spends a lot of her free time taking them to their sporting activities, exploring the surrounding nature and visiting with friends. Williams Lake has been the perfect place to settle with children; with so many activities at their disposal, and a welcoming community, the Gaspar family are ecstatic with their new life in Canada. “The people here are so humble,” shares Surita.

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