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Walk-Rite Shoe Store will put a spring in your step. The store carries an extensive selection of styles in shoes and boots for the whole family from trusted brands and contemporary designers. But Walk-Rite Shoe Store is more than shoes. In fact, the store carries all kinds of accessories for your feet, including socks (even roller derby socks), boot socks and boot and shoe jewellery, plus fabulous purses, wallets, insoles, shoe laces, shoe polish and cleaners. Whether you’re looking for footwear or accessories for work, play or for formal wear, Walk-Rite Shoe Store will outfit you with the perfect pair and everything you need to go with it. The low-pressure environment makes it easy to come in and try on shoes just for fun. Knowledgeable, friendly sales staff are there when you need them and will work hard to make sure you leave happy.

Walk-Rite Shoe Store is a member of the Williams Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Association.

For footwear enthusiasts living farther north, visit the Ablitt’s second Walk-Rite Shoe Store location in Prince George that opened Spring 2016.

Meet Melanie & Troy Ablitt

Meet Melanie & Troy Ablitt

Melanie and Troy Ablitt are relatively new to Walk-Rite Shoe Store, having purchased it in the Spring of 2014. But it didn't take them long to see how important the store has been to the community of Williams Lake. In fact, it's the town's second oldest retailer, and the Ablitts often see second and third generation customers as well as locals who got their very first pair of shoes at Walk-Rite. "It's sort of like a tradition to some people. And it gives them a comfortable feeling to have that," she notes. Since taking over the store, Melanie adds, "the community support has been outstanding."

The Ablitts have owned other businesses, but this is their first foray into the retail business. For them, it was a chance to try something new and different. "With our children grown and more independent we found it a good time to experience a new challenge," says Melanie. And Walk-Rite Shoe Store has such a wonderful reputation and legacy of service that they were proud to have the opportunity to invest in it.

What makes business ownership and living in general in Williams Lake really special, Melanie says, are the people. "Everywhere you go you see someone you know to say hi to. It gives you a warm sense of community. I love going into a business and knowing or recognizing the person you are dealing with. It gives you a secure, trusted feeling." Perhaps second best about Williams Lake living is the scenery and the beautiful outdoors, where you might find the Ablitts having fun when they aren't working.

130 Oliver St
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1L8


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9:30 am - 5:30 pm

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