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Tucked away in the quiet and pristine wilderness in Horsefly an hour outside of Williams Lake lies the Belles Lake Retreat and Wellness Centre. “The Belle” is a gathering place for music, art, healing and relaxation and offers a serene, beautiful space where individuals can explore nature and self. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in workshops on a variety of topics from permaculture to dreaming. Guests will have ample opportunity to connect with nature through hiking or canoeing or to relax in the on-site spa. Acupressure, Reiki and massage treatments are available. After a day of relaxation, learning and fun, guests can take a peek into space and marvel at the display of stars in the dark sky “The Belle Observatory.” Guests will have the opportunity to use and purchase owner Maggie Ranger’s own line of hand-made Earthdance Botanical Herbal Products. Guests will come away from their Belles experience with a deeper understanding of self, their place in the universe and a new sense of connection with nature and others.

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Meet Maggie Ranger

Meet Maggie Ranger

One of the things that Maggie Ranger most appreciates about her small community of Horsefly and her connection with the larger community of Williams Lake is the sense of belonging that she has. It's one that is unique to small towns in general, and that connection to others and to nature is also one that distinguishes Williams Lake from other small towns. "It is a more relaxed, healthier place to live," says Maggie, and her dream was to build on that existing feeling and create a place for people to come and experience health, well-being and connectedness on a much greater level.

She was able to turn that dream into a tangible reality in 2013 with the start of The Belles Lake Retreat and Wellness Centre. Located in the remote community of Horsefly and situated in nature, it is the perfect place to get away, rejuvenate and get in touch with one's spirit. It's something that Maggie gets to experience every day, and she loves to share that with her guests. "I wanted to offer a different approach to life," says Maggie, and to give people an opportunity to explore nature and new ideas. Maggie feels like she has the best of two worlds: being able to live and work in a "wilderness" area, yet still be close enough to town to be able to partake in community life and to benefit from all of the wonderful businesses and services that Williams Lake has to offer. Some of her favourites include Hobbit House, "Dandelion Living":, "Satya Yoga": and Body Connection.

When Maggie isn't busy entertaining guests, she enjoys spending time in nature. On a nice day you might find her out on the water in her canoe. She also spends as much time as possible with her family, and particularly loves hanging out with her grandson.

5199 Belles Lake Rd
Williams Lake, BC V0L 1L0


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