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For more than three decades Soda Creek Sweet Corn has been a destination for families and individuals who love the taste of sweet corn as well as the idea of picking it themselves, right off the stalk. Soda Creek Sweet Corn offers u-pick corn during the harvest season, which typically begins in mid- August and runs through to early autumn.

Soda Creek Sweet Corn also grows a variety of other u-pick vegetables, including zucchini, beets, green beans, wax beans, swiss chard and cucumbers. Soda Creek Sweet Corn is also available for purchase at retail venues and markets throughout the Cariboo region including Beaver Valley Feeds and Margetts Meats in Williams Lake and Aroma Foods in Quesnel. Come pick a little or a lot and enjoy not just fresh vegetables and corn but also the experience of harvesting vegetables directly from their source. Soda Creek Sweet Corn is family owned and operated and free of sprays and GMO’s.

Meet The Kaufman Family

Meet The Kaufman Family

“People LOVE our corn!” says Linda Kaufman, whose husband Steven Kaufman and brother-in-law Ron Kaufman work the farm which has been in the family for generations. Soda Creek Sweet Corn is located at the Dunlevy ranch which has been producing high quality commercial beef since the 1960s.

Soda Creek Sweet Corn was launched in the 1980s when Ron Kaufman came home from studying agriculture at UBC and realized that the Soda Creek area was in its own micro-climate that was ideal for the production of corn. At first the farm produced only cattle corn, but after having success with it, Ron and Steven’s mother Margie Kaufman added sweet corn to its fields. Today the farm is renowned throughout BC for its flavourful sweet corn, to which twelve acres is dedicated solely to u-pick. The farm sees hundreds of people coming to pick their own corn every season, and many of their customers make it an annual family event. “People love being able to not just get corn straight from the farm but to be able to pick exactly the ears they want, straight off of the stalk,” says Linda, especially children, who always make a beeline for the biggest ear they can find.

Between the cattle, the corn and other vegetables, the u-pick and the commercial sales, the Kaufmans say it is difficult to get away from the farm, especially in the summer. However, if they do find themselves with a few hours of freedom, they love getting outdoors and having fun as a family. In the winter time when things are slower around the farm, they like to spend time at their Troll Mountain cabin and hit the slopes at Troll Resort.

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