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Shields Brake and Muffler is a fully licensed automotive shop specializing in exhaust, brakes and front ends. Shields Brake and Muffler proudly offers repairs performed by licensed and qualified mechanics who spend all of their time working on brakes and exhaust, so they know how to ensure that you get the best and most reliable service and products. Shields Brake and Muffler boasts a customized exhaust building in order to better serve the needs of local drivers. Shields Brake and Muffler carries parts from trusted and respected manufacturers of name brands like Walker, Raybestos, Moog, Magnaflow and Flomaster. All work and parts are guaranteed, and Shields Brake and Muffler is committed to competitive pricing on both parts and labour. Shields Brake and Muffler is a family owned-and-operated business.

Meet Ray and Val Shields

Meet Ray and Val Shields

A customer isn't just a customer when you own and operate a small town business. They're more likely to be your friends and neighbours, and even those you don't know will become familiar faces very quickly in a place like Williams Lake. It makes doing business much more personal, according to Val Shields. It is one of the many things that she loves about being a small business owner here.

She and husband Ray also appreciate the privilege of being masters of their own destiny. Though there is risk involved, the rewards are always much greater. "How things turn out depends on you," says Val, so she and Ray put their heart and soul into making sure that they offer the best possible service and products to their customers. Val also appreciates the opportunity to work with family, something that not many people in the working world are able to do. It is truly a family business.

The Shields' feel so strongly about entrepreneurship that they hope more people, particularly the younger generation, will invest in the idea of local business ownership. Small business is central to any town's culture and economy, and they believe that Williams Lake has a bright future when it comes to encouraging and attracting business ownership. The Shields themselves have an affinity for several local businesses, including Ken's Restaurant, Frames by Bruce and Oliver's Pub and Grille. Of course, the outdoors is another of Williams Lake's best assets, and the Shields' take advantage of it by getting out fishing and hunting.

100 Mackenzie Ave
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1N6


Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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