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Much of our time is spent in the home, so why not take your beloved space to the next level with trendy and timeless essentials showcased at Poppy Home. This brick-and-mortar shop offers a wide array of beautiful home decor items, kitchen gadgets, bedroom statement pieces and bathroom accents, all guaranteed to compliment any aesthetic harmoniously. Shoppers will discover treasures such as down duvet blankets, weighted blankets, organic cotton linens, rugs, dishware, stemware, bakeware, cooking utensils, small appliances, herbal teas, gourmet foods, decorative artwork, candles, soaps, seasonal goodies and so much more!

Poppy Home is the perfect place to pick up a gift for your loved ones and for those special occasions- there’s even a gift registry located on their website! For an added convenience, shoppers can purchase goods directly online with the option to pick-up locally in Williams Lake for no shipping fee. Poppy Home prides themselves on stocking their shelves with Canadian products and locally-made artisan creations, ensuring quality is top notch for customers while delivering exceptional service each and every time. If you’re in search of a specific item, Poppy Home is happy to accommodate customized orders and can find products to fit any budget.

Stop by Poppy Home today and marvel in the stunning collection of kitchen, bath and bedroom treaures just waiting to complete that perfect spot in your home.

Meet Chrissie Gertzen

Meet Chrissie Gertzen

There's no denying the drive for success in both Chrissie Gertzen and Janna Gertzen, the sister team who excel with their savvy business sense and love for people. Chrissie and Janna have created quite the entrepreneurial empire with their management of numerous businesses, and now have added a third venture to their repetoire. Poppy Home came to fruition right at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, an experience that many would consider a detriment to any small business. Thankfully Chrissie and Janna aren't easily swayed, and saw the crisis as a chance to transform their business plan for the better. With community-minded residents who are more than willing to lend a hand and the bustling blend of entrepreneurs and creative innovators, the Gertzen sisters knew Williams Lake would be the perfect location for such a shop. “What's not to love?” share Chrissie. “Besides being the hub of the Cariboo with the most amazing scenery, geography and available events, the region has a fascinating and deep-rooted history.” Even though they may not always see eye to eye on every business decision, Chrissie and Janna always come to an agreement; family comes first!

2, 11 Second Avenue South
Williams Lake , BC V2G 1L9


10 am - 4 pm Tuesday to Friday, Saturday 11-3.

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance