Pheasant Furniture


Upcycle is the new recycle and Pheasant Furniture in Williams Lake is breathing fresh life into furniture pieces! What started as a passion has blossomed into a business, with owner Shalene Ostrom’s artistic eye. Pheasant Furniture offers a selection of beautifully restored, hand painted pieces for their clients to choose from. Each piece is totally unrecognizable from its beginnings, with details added that highlight the hidden beauty of the furniture. Pheasant Furniture uses modern colours, wallpapers, and hand pulls to elevate each piece before it’s put up for sale on their website and Facebook page! 

On Pheasant Furniture’s website you can browse their completed pieces that are ready to find a home, or you can commission a piece from their selection of unfinished finds, allowing you to pick the colour and finishing touches!

Find the perfect piece to add beauty and uniqueness to your home with the help of Pheasant Furniture!

Meet Shalene Ostrom

Meet Shalene Ostrom

Owner Shalene Ostrom started painting furniture as a hobby in 2020 and quickly realized she wanted to make her hobby into a business! Shalene enjoys making an old piece new again and helping it shine with her artistic eye. She loves working with her clients to create a one of a kind piece for their home and is always happy when customers send her photos of their pieces in situ!

Shalene is happy to be part of the vibrant small business community in Williams Lake and loves adding another service to her area for others to enjoy!