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Kevin Epp’s Piano Tuning is a Williams Lake based business that brings a skilled ear, piano tuning and piano repair talents to you in either your home or business. Kevin Epp’s Piano Tuning ensures your piano is able to perform and play its very best at all times. Concert associations, schools and many living rooms in homes throughout the Williams Lake area are some of Kevin’s previous valued clients.

Kevin is passionate about pianos and enjoys working on them to ensure they play at their best for all of his many clients. He is also very skilled at repairing all types of pianos and if you are looking for an appraisal of your piano, Kevin can provide that for you as well.

Kevin Epp’s Piano Tuning also offer it’s valued clients a piano rental program with the option to rent-to-own.

Contact Kevin Epp for all your piano tuning, repair and piano rental needs.

Meet Kevin Epp

Meet Kevin Epp

Kevin grew up in Williams Lake, enjoys living in his hometown and having his family and friends so close by. One thing that Kevin really enjoys is how close everything is. "It's easy to walk from one store to another or to bike to work," said Kevin. In Williams Lake, he appreciates the people and how they are so willing to get to know one another and truly care about each other.

Business owner Kevin Epp attended university to become a trained and certified piano technician. After his professional development, Kevin returned home to Williams Lake where he had the privilege of working with and mentoring under longtime local piano tuner Mr. Herb Martin. Mr Martin passed along a wealth of experience to Kevin for which Kevin is forever grateful. "Herb was an instrumental part of helping me get established in my own business and I am so thankful that he was willing to pass on his knowledge and experience to me," said Kevin. "I became an entrepreneur because I love music and pianos and I saw an opportunity for success."

Kevin loves his piano tuning business because he gets to know his clients as he works on their pianos. "It is great that people feel free to talk about who they are, share their stories about why they love music and why they own a piano," said Kevin, "I love listening to people talk about what inspires them to play or just about what they do in life." Kevin is pleased with his business success and is very proud to offer great customer service and quality work on pianos in the Williams Lake area.

Doing business in his hometown is something that Kevin believes strongly in and he knows that small businesses are what bring personality and life to Williams Lake. When he isn't busy with his work, Kevin enjoys playing music at his church or spending time with his friends.

He likes trying out a variety of instruments in addition to the piano and keyboard. Kevin has dabbled with the accordion, ukulele, bass guitar and melodica and he also recommends getting out to run or hike on the many great trails around Williams Lake.

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