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Human Be Herd provides Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) through group workshops, semi-private and private sessions. She also works with people and horses, to integrate EFW practices into their everyday horse work and management practices. She is available to fellow horse owners as a horse partnership consultant, enjoys introducing young people to their first horse riding experience and appreciates people coming to learn horse partnership skills from her with her own horses as well. She’s really excited to explore where EFW and horsemanship can enhance and benefit people, horses and all our relations.

EFW is a practice of engaging in facilitated interactions with horses toward developing emotional fitness, personal empowerment, non-verbal communication and authentic community building skills. Horses are masters of connection on a physical level, so people learn to feel into their bodies and into their own experience to create safety and relaxation for themselves in relationship, sparking intimacy and creativity. It’s a really effective way to work with trauma and attachment issues from the bottom up. Its also a very fun way to develop nonverbal communication skills and enhance social and emotional intelligence.

Horses in the program are accustomed to respectfully engaging in nonverbal dialogue with people and gifted at working with clients of all ages and skill levels. Thea’s sense of humour, authenticity and compassion make for a truly fun, inspirational and transformative experience or all involved. Through the symbiotic relationship between human and horse, people shift toward greater spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health, harmony and balance.

Meet Thea Fast

Meet Thea Fast

Thea Fast’s Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) work arose out of her early professional youth work experience, her lifelong dedication to personal development and to horses. Midstream, she gained a more informed, intellectual perspective through womens’ studies at university before “opting out” to follow her bliss with horses. She went on to earn her living riding, training and teaching until she started her family and moved to the Williams Lake area. When she discovered Linda Kohanov and the work of EFW in 2002, she knew she’d discovered her divine purpose. She studied and developed her work for the next 9 years, completing her Eponaquest Instructor apprenticeship in 2011.

For Thea, owning and operating her unique business is all about creativity and connection. Her approach to business development is to deepen her own personal practice and experience of this work and broaden it through collaborating with amazing co-facilitators, including Maggie Ranger of The Belles Lake Retreat and Wellness Centre. She is intensely curious about creating sustainability through balance, connection, conscious awareness and relaxation.

Thea works from her own beautiful, lakeside home/farm in Beaver Valley where she settled 14 years ago. She belongs to a local Kundalini Yoga study group, attends teachings at the Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre, maintains her training and professional community at Eponaquest in Arizona and has many amazing friends in the local horse, spiritual, alternative healing and arts communities. She is so grateful for the opportunities provided by her fellow small local business owners to put her money where her friends are, making gifting and purchasing a more meaningful exchange of worth.

3206 Beaver Valley Rd, Big Lake Ranch
Williams Lake, BC V0L 1G0


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