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Helping You Heal Bodywork offers therapeutic massage treatment for a variety of conditions including (but not limited to) acute and chronic pain, strains, sprains, headache and stress. Therapeutic massage can help decrease and manage pain, improve circulation, relax muscles, decrease muscle spasms, decrease recovery time for fatigued muscles, decrease scar tissue and adhesions, reduce emotional stress and anxiety. Registered Bodyworker Tammy-Lee Isnardy offers skilled treatment that is adjusted to fit the individual needs and comfort level of each patient in order to provide maximum health benefits.

Tammy-Lee Isnardy is a member in good standing of the Natural Healthcare Practitioners of Canada.

Meet Tammy-Lee Isnardy

Meet Tammy-Lee Isnardy

Tammy-Lee Isnardy wasn't necessarily thinking of becoming an entrepreneur when she went to school to become a Massage Therapist. Tammy-Lee is a Registered Bodyworker specializing mainly in deep therapeutic massage therapy, tailoring each treatment to the needs of her patient. After graduating, she spent six years working with chiropractors in central Alberta. When she relocated back to Williams Lake in 2008, Tammy-Lee chose to open her own business.

Being her own boss turned out to be just perfect for Tammy-Lee. She appreciates the flexibility that comes with running her own business. She notes that she used to work six days per week, but after her children came along, she was able to adjust her schedule to maintain a good balance between being a Mom and working.

Tammy-Lee considers herself fortunate to be raising her family in Williams Lake where she and her husband Rob are able to instill authentic small-town values in their children. She has lived here for most of her life, and is happy with the decision to return. “This is where my family and my roots are. This is home.” Tammy-Lee also loves the country that surrounds Williams Lake, making it an ideal place for family activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, hunting and camping.

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