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Guided Hands Complementary Health Care helps people to rediscover the feeling of health and happiness through healing energy work. It’s the perfect place to reconnect your mind, body and soul. As a complementary therapy alongside traditional medicine, clients often describe immediate relief and long-lasting results. Treatments focus on the entire body and being, getting to the root cause of ailments and illnesses.

Guided Hands Complementary Health is dedicated to empowering, enlightening and re-energizing clients through a myriad of techniques applied to an individual’s needs. This certified professional carefully and thoughtfully uses intuitive energy work to decipher the location of pain. Also offered are Intuitive Energy sessions, healing touch, energy hot stone massage, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), ionic foot baths and waxing. An Intuitive Energy session is a self-guided process in which the client’s own energy guides and directs the practitioner’s hands to blockages or areas of pain. It also dictates the type of energetic intervention required at that moment, making each session unique. Due to the nature of energy work having no boundaries dictated by time or space, long distance and in-person treatments are also available.

Feel your very best again with Guided Hands Complementary Health Care, where health and wellness is their passion. Scheduling is by appointment with a flexible schedule to accommodate shift workers. If the sign is out front, feel free to pop in as well.

Meet Tammy Dormuth

Meet Tammy Dormuth

As a true empath, Tammy Dormuth has an innate gift for understanding and feeling the internal state of others. Tammy has found her calling in alleviating the suffering caused by illness, disease and trauma. For many years Tammy worked as a care aide and often volunteers her time to those in need. Many know her to have an incredible ability to connect with everyone she meets. “I like to take the time with people and allow them to feel special and important,” says the energy healer, who prides herself at putting others at ease. “With me, they’re safe to be themselves.”

Tammy is very passionate about her work, she has found energy healing so beneficial for her own well-being that starting a business centred on energy healing was a natural fit. One of the most rewarding aspects of her business is when clients express profound relief from pain and discomfort. They often describe a sense of freedom and mobility not experienced in many years.

Conducting her services in Williams Lake has been an incredibly positive experience. Tammy feels lucky to be able to improve the wellness of a community she cares so deeply about, while simultaneously maintaining her lifestyle. Tammy loves spending time with her family, sleepovers with her grandchildren, gardening, hiking and helping out at the family campground. Tammy is also very passionate about her faith and enjoys helping out at the family history centre to help people trace their lineage.

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Schedule by appointment. Willing to accommodate shift workers.