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Feet First Reflexology takes a whole body/mind approach to healthcare and ongoing wellness. Certified practitioner Tracy Dale offers Reflexology treatments designed to target crucial reflex points on the feet, helping to stimulate blood flow, improve circulation and improve overall health. The ion foot cleanse takes foot care to another level by using ionization (an electro-chemical process) to draw toxins out of the body through the feet, creating a more alkaline state in the body which is conducive to better health. Ayurvedic head massage also helps to improve overall health by focusing on critical energy centres within the head and upper body, promoting deep relaxation and balance and reducing stress and anxiety. Feet First Reflexology offers treatments at Red Door Salon & Spa.

Tracy Dale is a member of the Canadian Academy of Reflexology and Deep Muscle Therapy and the Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage.

Meet Tracy Dale

Meet Tracy Dale

Tracy Dale lived most of her life in Ontario where she worked in manufacturing and lived in cities. When the economy stagnated and manufacturers began relocating their factories outside of Canada, Tracy decided it would be in her best interest to get a skill under her belt. Having had a longstanding interest in working directly and hands-on with people, she looked at several options in alternative health care and finally settled on reflexology. It would be a few more years before she put her new certification to use, and it would take a visit to see a BC friend to get the ball rolling.

Her visit to BC changed everything. When she got back home to Ontario she immediately put her house up for sale. "I don't know how I lived there for over 30 years. There are so many people!" Shortly afterward she moved to BC, eventually settling in Williams Lake, her ideal small town. Small enough to get to know others easily and big enough to have breathing room and all the shopping and recreation she could want, Tracy knew she had come home.

It would still be a few years before Tracy began practicing reflexology in earnest. A cutback in her job motivated her to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. She now provides reflexology, Ayurvedic head massage and ion foot cleanses professionally for several days each week. She finds her work fulfilling and meaningful and she feels privileged to be able to offer a hands-on service that is so beneficial to people's health. "I feel that we cannot fully place our own health in the hands of a healthcare professional and then just let it go, we each need to be responsible for ourselves," says Tracy. "I believe we need to maintain health, not wait for something to break and then fix it. I love being able to help people that way."

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