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Exploring the Puddle is an Early Learning Centre devoted to helping young children ages zero to five to appreciate and enjoy the simple aspects of every day life. Exploring the Puddle offers a range of programs, including infant and toddler care, multi-age care and preschool classes, all designed to engage young minds through play and natural exploration. Programs and curriculum stress environmentalism and care for the planet, with activities that focus on composting, recycling and gardening.The teaching philosophy at Exploring the Puddle is based on encouraging discovery and curiosity rather than finding the “right answers.” All programs and facilities are fully licensed.

Exploring the Puddle is a member of the Early Childhood Educators of BC.

Meet Faren Rouse & Sheilah Nairn

Meet Faren Rouse & Sheilah Nairn

Business partners and early childhood educators Faren Rouse and Sheilah Nairn had a desire to bring a different kind of early childhood education centre to Williams Lake. They started Exploring the Puddle together in 2013, with an emphasis on community, learning through natural discovery and adapting programs to fit the needs of the individual child. The centre's program, says Faren, takes natural advantage of the small town appeal of Williams Lake, and this is a key factor in the child's growth and development.

One of the things that Faren and Sheilah most enjoy about their work is watching "their" kids grow up. They also like being able to get to know the parents of their students. "You are providing services to families you've known for a long time and meeting new families that come to Williams Lake," Faren says of her job.

Both Sheilah and Faren grew up in Williams Lake and are deeply connected to the community. "It is comfortable and familiar," Faren says, and that familiarity lends itself well to opportunities for their students to explore their town in a safe, nurturing environment that is rife with culture. Faren notes that Williams Lake has many wonderful events and happenings, like the Farmers' Market, Aboriginal Days, the Stampede and others that make it a vibrant place to live and learn. "Growing up in the Cariboo was an amazing childhood experience," Faren declares, "and we want to continue to see the children of our community growing and learning in the same ways we have - outdoors, in the community and in nature."

279 3 Ave
Williams Lake, BC V2G 2A6


Monday to Friday
7:45 am - 5:00 pm