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Dance is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body and soul. At Dancing Around the World, participants step their way into a happier and healthier version of themselves through a procession of self-discovery and growth.

Led by Karen Klassen, a professional dancer with over forty years experience in many different styles, classes are easy to follow and incredibly fun. Dancing Around the World incorporates music and dances from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds, specializing in Latin American, Salsa, ballroom, jive/waltz, country and more! The rhythm and beats are guaranteed to get the crowd pumped up!

Dance lessons range in age categories, starting at the preschooler level all the way up to baby boomers and seniors. Karen is sensitive to mobility issues and other health concerns common to her older participants, so don’t let anything stand in your way. Get moving again and feel the joy of creative exercise.

Karen also offers home support services to seniors in need of extra assistance. From chauffeuring for errands and appointments to house cleaning and meal preparation, she takes care of her clients as if they were her own family. She holds a certificate in palliative care as well.

Freedom of movement and creativity are just one step away. Call Dancing Around the World today!

Meet Karen Klassen

Meet Karen Klassen

Like many before her, Karen Klassen came to Williams Lake to escape the congestion and pollution of city living. She was in search of something with more space and a whole lot of heart and soul; a place where the people are connected. Her search ended as she discovered the Cariboo region was exactly what she had been looking for. The abundant lake access, along with the host of campgrounds and outdoor activities in the area are equally as enticing.

Karen loves knowing so many residents; the familiarity with a friendly face is both calming and revitalizing. As an entrepreneur, she knows that it is the interpersonal connections that build a business’ traffic flow. Through positive word of mouth, Karen hopes to spread her love of dance and music with the entire community.

Some of Karen’s most prized achievements have been facilitating her dance student’s success. She truly enjoys guiding people to that moment where suddenly the steps and rhythm all come together with ease. “I love meeting people of all ages and kinds, and teaching them to dance in ways they’d never thought they would be able to,” declares the dance instructor. “I want to share my strengths and love of music and dance styles from around the world!”

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