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Working for over 20 years, Dan Wilkinson qualifies as one of Williams Lake’s waste management experts and he takes care of all your dirty work. With a weekly pickup service straight from your collection area, there’s no need to break your back lugging heavy bins down to the curb. Take a load off and get on with what really matters in life.

Dan – The Trash Man exemplifies reliable and dependable service. His standards exceed expectations, earning him rave reviews from his clients. With increased demands for his services, Dan has added to his waste management business by offering recycling services to assist you in clearing out all the extra recycling clutter in your home.

Give Dan – The Trash Man a call today to get scheduled in for rotational pickups. Be liberated of trash and clutter once and for all!

Meet Dan Wilkinson

Meet Dan Wilkinson

“For every failure there is an equal and opposite success. You must determine that it is your success, not someone else's. Just make sure you learn from your failures, or you are doomed to repeat them.” - Dan Wilkinson, inspired by Newton’s Law

Dan Wilkinson knows the in and outs of Williams Lake. He was born in the community and always felt it was where he belonged. He loves the friendly nature of the local citizens and felt that serving his community would bring him contentment.

In 2014, Dan purchased the successful waste removal business, putting his own customer-service orientated spin on it. Rural residents have rejoiced with a greater convenience thanks to Dan - The Trash Man. His business has been pivotal in giving back much needed free-time to the community of Williams Lake. “I love the satisfaction of giving my customers great service,” says Dan.

1808 Richland Dr
Williams Lake, BC V2G 5E3


Call Dan to be included in the rotational weekly schedule.