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Cariboo Rustic Designs creates hand crafted furniture and home decor that is inspired by the Cariboo. Owner Leanne works closely with her clients to ensure customized design. By handcrafting every piece, Cariboo Rustic Designs ensures that each piece is created through love, care and attention to detail. The rustic elements of the Cariboo are a source of ongoing inspiration for this business owner.

Leanne is very proud of the quality, beauty and attention to detail that shines through in all of her design pieces and products. Products include, but aren’t limited to, coffee tables, console tables, end tables, book shelves, blanket ladders, farm house style tables, benches and beds. Decorative designs include stars, arrows, wall signage and more. Custom sizes and individualized designs are available.

Costs of the furniture at Cariboo Rustic Design include stain and protective coats. Two-toning, paint and distressing are available for an additional cost. Cariboo Rustic Design requires a 50% deposit on any custom orders and they are always pleased to work with clients on that special furniture piece.

Meet Leanne Simms

Meet Leanne Simms

Leanne decided Williams Lake was the place to put down roots and to call home! In Williams Lake, Leanne is able to provide a wonderful childhood for their two boys. She loves being part of the Williams Lake community and enjoys the natural beauty, the weather and the fantastic people. Leanne is optimistic about the future of Williams Lake and recently opened her own business, Cariboo Rustic Design. She has always enjoyed creating beautiful interior designs and making solid wood rustic furniture.

Cariboo Rustic Design is an opportunity for Leanne to share her talents and her unique furniture pieces to enrich the homes and lives of her clients. She appreciates the freedom that comes with owning her own business and is rewarded by providing meaningful products and a personalized service to her clients. She likes to spend time with her family in Williams Lake and recommends Belly Acres because her boys really love the go carts.

Williams Lake, BC


Please contact Leanne via Facebook or email for information.

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