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Beauty Naturally believes that looking and feeling good should never come at the cost of health or the environment. Beauty Naturally uses only natural Canadian spa products in its menu of services which includes manicures, pedicures, gel nails and gel polish. In addition, they also offer facials and peels, body scrubs, body wraps, make up lessons and application, full body waxing, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and ionic foot cleansing. Beauty Naturally offers a variety of massage services including reflexology and ayurvedic head massage, among others. Beauty Naturally invites you relax and be pampered from head to toe in the healthiest possible way. Isn’t it time to Spa Naturally?

Meet Jo-anne Lang

Meet Jo-anne Lang

In an industry that values beauty at all costs (including to the environment), Jo-anne Lang is bravely swimming against the current. It's not always easy, and it's sometimes more expensive, to use healthy, natural, non-toxic and all-Canadian products in a spa business. But Jo-anne is committed to her ideals, and her clients have been amazingly supportive of her efforts over the years.

It was a deep desire for change that drove Jo-anne to open her own spa in the first place. "I got tired of working in an industry that promoted an unrealistic beauty ideal using unhealthy products. I decided I couldn't change the whole industry, only how I worked within it." Now she feels good about about doing right by the environment, the Canadian economy, and by her clients.

Jo-anne grew up in Williams Lake and says "it only made sense to stay and work surrounded by friends and family that know and love us." She feels safe knowing that everyone in town looks out for one another. "I love knowing who people are. I know who the parents of my kids' friends are. I like knowing people feel comfortable to ask me for help, as I am comfortable asking for theirs. We can really pull together when we need to." Jo-anne also feels it's a privilege to be surrounded by so much natural beauty in the environment "No matter where you are in town you can see nature. All you have to do is look to the hills and the lake and it is there."

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