The Jack o Clubs Taco Club

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Enjoy a fast, fresh-food fiesta on the Jack of Clubs Lake! The Jack o Clubs Taco Club serves up such delicious Mexican food you might think you’ve crossed the border. Tantalize your taste buds with authentic tacos and burritos just like the ones you’d find in a real Mexican taco stand. Treat yourself to a cinnamon-y sweet churro or ice cream afterwards. Top it off with a refreshing glass of fresh squeezed lemonade while enjoying nature and Wells’ famous, scenic lake.

The Jack o Clubs Taco Club is a member of the Wells Chamber of Commerce.

Mention you saw The Jack o Clubs Taco Club on Love Wells and receive a free pop with the purchase of a burrito.

Meet Mark Dawson

Meet Mark Dawson

When you operate a small town business, the most effective kind of advertising is word-of-mouth, according to Mark Dawson. That's because in small towns like Wells, most everyone knows most everyone else, so people are quick to share information, especially if it involves delicious food and stellar service. Mark credits much of his business' growth since first opening in 2010 to his loyal customers who loved the food and then spread the word to their friends and family. His high-profile location next to the lake on the Barkerville Highway also draws in a lot of tourists and out-of-towners heading to Barkerville or the Bowron Lakes chain. All-in-all, it has been a recipe for success.

Like many other entrepreneurs, Mark is self-confessed a risk-taker, which is what got him into the mindset of starting his business. He views his business as a financial investment, one over which he has control and the ability to grow based on the amount of work he puts into it. It has been a worthwhile investment on his part. He enjoys the work and the variety that comes with it. "Every day is different," he notes, and adds, "no one else here was selling tacos. I love tacos. Something had to be done."

Mark is a lover of the outdoors, of which there is plenty in the Wells area. "Five minutes in any direction and you are in the woods," says Mark, not to mention all of the lakes. He likes to spend his time outdoors hiking, motorcycling, canoeing, paddle-boarding and berry picking (though he'll never divulge his secret picking location).

1 - Jack O' Clubs Lake Barkerville Hwy W
Wells, BC


Monday/Tuesday & Friday - Sunday
11:30 am - 7:00 pm
May to September