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Histrionics Theatre Company is dedicated to the creation of new works that explore historic characters and situations, with particular attention paid to site-specific situations and applied theatre techniques.

Their successful theatre projects include The Great Love of Queen Victoria, Lady Overlander, The Bride of Barkerville, The Fred Wells Show, The Saints of British Rock and Andrew Hamilton’s Kaliban.

With over 20 years of talent and experience, Histrionics Theatre Company has the skills, passion, talent and materials to carry out a wide range of creative theatre productions and projects.

Meet James Douglas & Danette Boucher

Meet James Douglas & Danette Boucher

Theatre production and historical interpretation are the twin passions of James and Danette's working lives. They love owning their own business for the freedom to be creative as they are able to guide their our own creative process and develop informative, theatrical works that speak directly to their audience. James and Danette are most proud of the artists and entrepreneurs they call clients, colleagues, and friends and their well-established professional network. Wells has many talented people and the professional network they've gained through their decades of work with both Wells and Barkerville is both, "loving and large."

James has many favourite local businesses that he admits he couldn't name them all, but a few favourites are The Sunset Theatre, The Wells Hotel, The Hubs Motel, The Bear's Paw, Mountain Thyme Getaway, BNC Mercantile, the Jack o' Clubs, The Taco Club and Morsels Movable Feast.

The environment in Wells is nurturing. "Wells has an abundance of natural beauty and vibrant culture, and the population is equally refreshing," says James. "There is a sense of camaraderie and support at the very foundation of Wells and its surrounding area."

Wells possesses a dynamic business community and a healthy blend of industry and artistry that James believes is what allows for its success. "The future looks bright," James said. He has noticed the tourism numbers have continued to grow and with that, he has witnessed a growth in new and innovative business ventures.

2346 Pooley St
Wells, BC V0K 2R0

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