BNC Mercantile

Electronics-Food & Beverage-Sports & Recreation

BNC Mercantile is a full-service general store stocking a range of products that includes groceries, personal care items, fresh produce, meats, bread and dairy products, snacks, ice cream, coffee and specialty coffees. Fishing and camping necessities are also available. BNC Mercantile features an Internet cafe serving coffee and other beverages, cookies, muffins, and Danish pastries, plus a guest-use microwave. BNC Mercantile offers a special order pick-up service (pick up days are Wednesday and Saturday) for items not available in store. It also boasts a unique selection of local photo cards and magnets, books, toys and craft items for children and a free DVD loan service. BNC Mercantile is committed to excellent customer service and shopper satisfaction.

BNC Mercantile is a member of the Wells Chamber of Commerce.

Mention you saw BNC Mercantile on Love Wells and get one ice-cream or coffee free when you purchase a coffee or ice-cream of equal value.

Meet Norma Collins

Meet Norma Collins

In a small town, the loss of a single business has a great impact on the community. This is how Norma Collins ended up owning the BNC Mercantile. She found out that the previous owners were going to close its doors, and it was a thought that saddened her. Not only did it provide the community with essentials like groceries, it was something of a community hub. Rather than see it go, Norma bought it so that the community wouldn't lose it. She knows that there are many people who rely on BNC Mercantile and she feels privileged to be able to be there for people when they need something. Since taking over the business in 2012, she has interacted with locals on a daily basis and has also met visitors from all over the world, a part of her job that she loves.

Wells residents, says Norma, are particularly friendly. Not only can they be relied upon to offer a smile and a hello when they meet on the streets, they are also eager to jump in and help each other out during tough times. In fact, it doesn't take long for word to get around when someone is in trouble, and Norma appreciates that locals genuinely care both in word and in deed for their fellow residents.

Another aspect of life in Wells that Norma is grateful for is its proximity to some of the world's most beautiful scenery. It is rife with fresh air, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and wildlife of all kinds. When Norma isn't working, she likes to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Often it involves going for a drive, exploring the area with her camera in hand. She also enjoys canoeing in the summertime with her husband.

2340 Pooley St
Wells, BC V0K 2R0


Monday and Tuesday
8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Thursday to Saturday
8:30 am - 6:00 pm

10:00 am - 6:00 pm