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For over 28 years, Kevin and Laurie Wallace have been photographing Vanderhoof residents during some of their most important life events: births, graduations, weddings and other milestones. Their portraits have captured children growing up and families forming and expanding. Kevin and Laurie say they always feel honoured to be allowed to play such an important role in people’s special moments. Wallace Studios specializes in family, individual and wedding portraits.

The Wallace’s have traveled all over BC to immortalize people in pictures and the couple takes great pride and care in all of their work, which includes custom framing of their customers’ cherished photos.

Meet Kevin & Laurie Wallace

Meet Kevin & Laurie Wallace

Kevin and Laurie Wallace say that their venture into business was a natural progression. First a hobby became a job, and then job became a business. Today, nearly 30 years after launching Wallace Studios, the couple is proud of what they've been able to build, with the help of the hundreds of people they've captured in photographs throughout those years. Photography styles and trends have changed dramatically over the last three decades, as has the technology surrounding it. The Wallace’s have viewed all of these changes as opportunities to grow their business. Their ability to adapt has helped them become sought-after photographers in Vanderhoof and beyond.

The couple believes strongly in giving back to the people in the community and surrounding area where they have lived and had the good fortune of operating a successful business. They support local schools and organizations and most every major community event and fundraiser. The Wallace’s also host their own annual fundraiser to support the local cancer clinic.

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