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The Vanderhoof Department Store stands as one of the community’s oldest retailers. Although it’s been around since the 1930’s, owners, Janet and Larry Bangs, have always ensured that their business changes with the times. The couple works hard to keep up with market trends in order to bring in the kinds of products that people want without having to drive to other communities to get them. In fact, they offer ladies and men’s fashions, footwear, jewelry, accessories, underwear as well as a very large section of fabric, yarn, notions, and sewing machines. The most recent addition to the store is the kitchen gadget department which has been very popular.

With entrepreneurship in both their backgrounds, running the Vanderhoof Department Store is a natural fit for Larry and Janet. Ultimately, they say, it is their regular customers who really make their jobs worthwhile, especially when they see a shopper get excited and say, “I didn’t know you sold these!”

Meet Janet & Larry Bangs

Meet Janet & Larry Bangs

"Competition" is a word that frightens many business owners, but not Janet and Larry Bangs. In fact, they welcome it. Janet says that "Competition is the best thing that can happen in a town."

The Bangs are ready and willing to meet those competitive challenges in the District of Vanderhoof. It motivates them to offer superior customer service and to keep up with all of the newest products on the market. One of their most recent challenges was adding a kitchen department and, they say, their customers love it.

Both Larry and Janet were born entrepreneurs. Janet grew up on a dairy farm and learned a great deal about business at home. Janet and Larry have been business owners since they first married, the last 21 of which have been in the Vanderhoof Department Store, and both agree that they couldn't picture themselves doing anything else in any other community. "We looked around the province and found Vanderhoof to be the best choice," they say regarding the location for them to work, live and raise a family.

Larry and Janet have been very involved in the community throughout the years. Besides running their business, the couple has volunteered with organizations like 4-H, Meals on Wheels and the Nechako View Seniors Society Board. Larry currently serves as a volunteer firefighter and Janet is a member of the Women's Institute.

2465 Burrard Ave
Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0


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