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Sew Rite Designs has been Vanderhoof’s premier source for a coordinated team and corporate apparel since 2012. Sew Rite Designs carries a surprising selection of customizable clothing, including athletic, work and professional wear which can be imprinted or embroidered with your custom logo, message or artwork. Sew Rite Designs expanded its operations in 2014 and is now able to meet virtually all of your large-scale printing needs, including signage, banners, large-scale photo prints and enlargements. Sew Rite takes your full-colour photos or artwork and renders them onto any surface for an advertisement or personalized gift that is uniquely reflective of your business or art form. Sew Rite Designs even carries a variety of gift, clothing and advertising items in-store for your convenient shopping, advertising and gift-giving needs.

Meet Earl & Margaret Giesbrecht

Meet Earl & Margaret Giesbrecht

Earl and Margaret Giesbrecht are expert problem-solvers and love to help their clients design a branded clothing solution that exceeds their own imaginations. Customers, they say, often come in needing a coordinated look for a team or staff but aren't sure what they want or how to get what they need. Earl and Margaret are full of ideas and enjoy the challenge of putting their creative and practical skills to use and collaborating with their clients to create the perfect team, corporate image or unique, one-of-a-kind personalized garment. They rely heavily on their skilled employees who are very valuable to the creative side of the business to ensure your products fulfill your vision.

Earl and Margaret have been long-time residents of Vanderhoof and appreciate the quality of life the community has to offer. They admit that running a small town business has its challenges, namely, trying to dispel the perception that small town businesses don't have as much to offer as big city stores. Although they point out, their customers quickly come to realize that they can get exactly what they need at home, in Vanderhoof.

In fact, the Giesbrechts credit the long-time support of their local customers with giving them the ability to expand their business in 2014. They added a brand new 54-inch printer and laminator to their operation. This new equipment has opened up new doors for them, allowing Sew Rite to print on just about any surface imaginable in large-scale. Their business is busier than ever now, but they still try to take time out for fun, which for them includes gardening, camping and spending time with their grandchildren.

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