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M.R. Concepts can take the seed of an idea and turn it into a coordinated, branded advertising campaign for your business or organization. From website construction and design to printed media like brochures, posters, business cards, calendars and postcards, to the content that you need to populate your site (including text and pictures), M.R. Concepts will take your concept and bring it to life in print and on the web.

Meet Michelle Roberge

Meet Michelle Roberge

Little did biologist, Michelle Roberge, know that a radical career change was in her future. When she became a mom, her demanding career left her with little time to spend with her kids. Graphic design had always been a hobby, so Michelle decided to turn her hobby into a home-based business so she could be more available to her children. It also seemed to be a good niche to go into as there were limited options for businesses seeking graphic design and web development in Vanderhoof.

Michelle soon discovered that she had a knack for business. Not only does she get to use her creative side when she designs, but she also gets to use her knowledge as a biologist in her design work. She also enjoys the opportunity to explore and become immersed in completely different topics such as Vanderhoof history or education, that she initially knew little about, and then from that research, producing a product that serves the community well.

Michelle is currently the co-chair of Vanderhoof Community for Kids. Having had two of her children spend time in BC Children's Hospital, Michelle sees her volunteer work as a way to give back to them while engaging the community in the cause.

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