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The Grand Reo Theatre has been providing quality entertainment to the residents of Vanderhoof for over 15 years. The friendly staff works hard to provide theatre guests with an exciting experience in addition to showing the most popular movies. After all, says co-owner Bryan Wallace, going to the theatre isn’t just about the movie. It’s about the scent of freshly cooked buttered popcorn, the helpfulness of the staff, the cleanliness of the facility and other aspects that make the movie night out a truly enjoyable event for everyone. Whether it’s a date night or a family outing, the Wallace family prides themselves on making movie night a real happening.

Meet The Wallace's

Meet The Wallace's

Just about everyone in Vanderhoof has at least one fond memory of watching a movie and munching on popcorn at the Grand Reo Theatre. In fact, for many residents, going to a movie at the Grand Reo is a regular part of their entertainment fun. This is something that makes the Wallace family very proud. While many other theatres in BC have closed down, either due to large-scale competitors moving in or to changes in technology, the Grand Reo Theatre continues to not only operate but to thrive. This, notes Bryan, is due to the amazing local people who have continued to support the Grand Reo Theatre with their patronage, ensuring that movie-going will continue to be a big part of the local entertainment for many more years to come. The Grand Reo Theatre is a family run business owned by Harley, Barbara, Brian, Connie, Kevin and Laurie Wallace (pictured are Barbara, Brian and Harley).

The Wallace’s have been long-time Vanderhoof residents and say they wouldn't choose any other place to run a business. The community, they note, is family-oriented, friendly and has been a wonderful place for them to raise their own children. Now they enjoy watching other families do the same, and they and their faithful staff, who are also much like family, are happy to be able to offer those families high-quality entertainment that appeals to all ages.

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