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The trip of a lifetime is at your fingertips. Experience Canadian moose hunts, bear hunts and family fishing adventures with the renowned destination of Crystal Lake Resort. Based out of Vanderhoof, this family-run business has been in operation since 1975. The Brooks family has been the name backing the resort’s stellar reputation and with Dan Brooks at the helm of the guides, clients can rest assured they are in knowledgeable hands. Dan and his family of professional guides have a passion for calling in prized bull moose and stalking trophy black bears through remote wilderness. Their success rates are impressively high, which can be attributed to the level of skill and expertise out in the backcountry.

Whatever your hunting preferences, Crystal Lake Resort is a wonderful choice for any outdoor enthusiast. For those who are wanting a slower pace, guided rainbow trout fishing adventures are also available. All guests are treated to comfortable and clean accommodations, depending on the level of solitude and remoteness desired. All the details are taken care of so guests can make the most of their outdoor experience and focus on cutting tags.

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Meet Daniel Brooks

Meet Daniel Brooks

Daniel Brooks lives, breathes and literally eats what he does for a living. Dan was born and raised at Crystal Lake and has been guiding there since 1994. He lives to hunt and hunts to live. Dan really couldn't imagine life any other way; he often bringing his family out on adventures with him. The outfitter and entrepreneur loves the enduring sense of stability that his career provides him, along with the independent decision-making and creative freedom he so readily enjoys. For Dan, it's all about quality of life, truly loving what he does for a living and spending many precious moments with his family.