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For over 15 years, Country Locker has been custom-cutting meat for Vanderhoof farmers as well as supplying fresh meat products to locals. The owner, Dwain Funk, is proud of the business that he has been able to build and sustain in Vanderhoof in spite of the challenges that face northern business owners.

Dwain says that local residents like being able to purchase fresh meat products that are grown close to home. Country Locker’s products have been so popular, in fact, that Dwain has been able to introduce new products like mustards and soup mixes to complement the meat that he sells. Dwain is excited about what the future holds for his and other local small businesses, noting that locals have been tremendously supportive of him throughout the years.

Meet Dwain Funk

Meet Dwain Funk

Equine fan, Dwain Funk, says Vanderhoof is the ideal place to spend time with his horses and enjoy the quiet of nature. Dwain also appreciates the "small town vibe" that permeates Vanderhoof. These are just a couple of the reasons Dwain decided to purchase the Country Locker 15 years ago. The shop specializes in custom meat-cutting as well as retail sales of local farm meats.

Dwain's business has faced numerous challenges over the years, but in spite of this, Dwain says he's happy doing what he does in a community like Vanderhoof. In fact, he hopes to expand over the next few years and has already increased his inventory to include made-in-BC products that make great meat accompaniments. As for the future of business in general in this small northern community Dwain believes that there is always a place for small businesses.

6900 Teichroeb Rd
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