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Summer in Northern BC is best spent outdoors, soaking in the beautiful scenery and the huge selection of lakes! What better way to enjoy a day at the lake than with a Stand Up Paddle Board! New to the sport, the area, or short on one for a group? Say hello to Whitecap Watersports! 

Whitecap Watersports provides rentals of paddle boards that come complete with the board, paddle, PFD, whistle, pump and safety leash-everything you need for a day on the water! You can rent a board from Whitecap Watersports for as little as 2 hours, or as long as 2 days, perfect for you to get your feet under you! In addition to the board, you can also rent a dry bag (keep your phone safe for epic photos, a small anchor so you can set up for swimming, or a roof rack system to get you to your destination. Depending on location, and duration, you can also book Whitecap Watersports to deliver your board to you! 

Make the most of your summer in the outdoors and try paddle boarding! Whitecap Watersports offers everything you need to get hooked on the sport!

Meet Krista Bachrach

Meet Krista Bachrach

Krista Bachrach has seen tourism and outdoor activities boom in her community of Valemount over the past few years! Krista noticed lots of rental options for bikes, and ATV’s but saw a missed opportunity to help people explore the waterways around her. So she opened Whitecap Watersports, to show her clients and visitors just how fun and accessible Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be!

Krista loves helping people enjoy the great outdoors, and getting them onto their boards for the first time! When it isn’t paddle season, Krista is soaking in all the other great outdoor activities her area offers!