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Three Ranges Brewing Company is one of Valemount’s newest businesses. Three Ranges proudly brews fine craft beer that will give BC a taste of Valemount. Their name is derived from the three mountain ranges that come together where Valemount is located. Owner, Michael Lewis, hopes that it will become a testament to the character and flavour that is unique to this region.

Meet Michael Lewis & Rundi Anderson

Meet Michael Lewis & Rundi Anderson

You might call Michael Lewis a beer aficionado. He loves trying different beers, but what really ignited his passion for this industry was the desire to make and share his own unique brews. The Three Ranges Brewing Company was conceptualized well before it located in Valemount. Michael looked at numerous different cities in BC before settling on the Village of Valemount as the ideal place for the family-owned business. Michael states that "Valemount is an amazing little village in a beautiful place!" Choosing the right location was very important to Michael. He hopes to create beers that will be reminiscent of everything that is distinctive about the Valemount region.

Michael is passionate about water and will be implementing water preservation strategies into the business. As an extension of his love for conservation, Michael supports causes like salmon habitat restoration and water conservation.

1160 5 Ave
Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0


Wednesday to Sunday:
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm