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The Rocky Mountain Goat is a weekly news publication serving Valemount, the Robson Valley and surrounding areas. The newspaper has a weekly circulation of approximately 700 copies and its website gets approximately 5,000 hits per week.

The Rocky Mountain Goat offers affordable advertising options for local businesses and organizations, and works closely with advertisers to ensure quality and performance.

Meet Laura Keil & Joseph Nusse

Meet Laura Keil & Joseph Nusse

Laura Keil and Joseph Nusse were strangers before they went into business together and founded the Rocky Mountain Goat News. The Goat is locally-owned and operated. Laura, who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Carleton University, says her grad school classmates thought she was a little crazy to take on a business partner she didn't know and start a newspaper in a small town in BC, but she says the opportunity really fit her values. “I felt that to write for an audience you have to know them, in fact, be a part of them. It is difficult to feel connected to who you are writing for in a city.”

There is also an amazing amount of news generated from this area, Laura says. People in this Valley are connected to global forces shaping the future of forestry, energy, mining, agriculture and technology. Covering their stories in a meaningful way is what the Rocky Mountain Goat strives to do.

Evan Matthews was hired in 2016 as the Goat's new editor. Joseph, who no longer works at the Goat but is still a part-owner, is sold on the feeling that Valemount is on the cusp of economic greatness for those who are willing to invest the time and money into enhancing the wonderful quality of life that already exists here.

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