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Mountain Voice Soundwoods is a supplier of the finest quality Englemann Spruce for all types of acoustic fretted and bowed instruments as well as pianos and harpsichords.

Their wood is cut from high elevation spruce forests in North-eastern British Columbia. Standing dead trees are often selected for better ageing and stability. Stock presently includes wood from over 130 different logs, providing a broad selection of widths and types of grain, colour, stiffness, hardness, etc.

Large or small orders of instrument wood and specialty cut lumber and timbers are available.

Meet Gordon Carson & Ann McKirdy-Carson

Meet Gordon Carson & Ann McKirdy-Carson

For Gordon Carson, musicality is as much engrained in his life as rings are within a tree. The lookout for tonewood began at the request of his father who was both a musician and a woodworker himself. As Gordon developed a knack for identifying tonewood, he was quickly challenged by the variety of specific qualities required by each luthier. His attention to detail was sharpened through much feedback, and resulted in an ability to incisively match music wood with each customers' standards. He also discovered that environmental characteristics of the Robson Valley create a unique and beneficial condition for a tree's musical development. For Gordon, finding the right wood is just a matter of being able to identify it; sometimes it's the most unassuming trunk of a discarded log that hides an undeveloped masterpiece.

Gordon and his wife Ann created Mountain Voice Soundwoods out of a combined love for music and the outdoors. Their tonewood is widely recognized for its quality and has won international awards. It has been a source of many admired instruments played by students and professionals alike. The musical tracks the pieces have left show up all the way across the globe and bits of the Robson Valley have even appeared elegantly resonating in the Berlin Philharmonic and the Shanghai Quartet.

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