Curious Goods & Crafts


Located within the Trading Post building in the middle of Valemount, Curious Goods & Crafts welcomes tourists and locals alike to a world of unique indigenous art and novelties. Featuring many different cultures from all over the world, with a heavy focus on North American heritage, this eclectic gift shop is a must-see.

Canadian cultures are represented by the Navajo, Haida, Cree, Stoney, Mohawk, Inca and Inuit, while international imports are from Katmandu, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Ecuador, Morocco and Brazil.

Curious Goods & Crafts is a destination worth checking out. There are head-dresses, dream catchers, ceremonial artifacts, weaponry, art and much, much more. If interested, the owner is happy to fill anyone in on the fascinating details and history of each piece.

Each one-of-a-kind novelty cannot be found in a typical gift shop. Bring home that statement piece you’ve been waiting for; a memento of your travels through the North!

Meet Michele Aatia

Meet Michele Aatia

Michele Aatia has been a proponent of native culture and history for more than 25 years. Michele, along with her business partner, Don Gustavson, appreciates the significance of their Canadian heritage, with intention of keeping it alive and well for generations to come.

As an up-and-coming tourist mecca, Valemount has an unmatched natural beauty that is rich in aboriginal history. Michele adores the small town feeling, enjoying fewer crowds and a more affordable lifestyle than similar mountain resort towns.

Much of her free time is spent kayaking at the lake, camping in the endless great outdoors and cooling off at the swimming hole in the weir. Michele feels like Valemount is on the verge of discovery, with signs of economic development creeping in more steadily in recent years.

Bay 2 940 Main St
Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0


Open daily
10:00 am - 6:00 pm