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Imagine a world with towering cliffs, steep river banks, lush rainforest, majestic waterfalls and sprawling bedrock. You’ve just stepped inside the dinosaur haven of Tumbler Ridge!

Since the first discovery of Western Canada’s oldest dinosaur fossils in 2001, Tumbler Ridge has become the hotspot for palaeontology. In 2003, the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre began, followed by the opening of the first museum in 2006. In 2010, the museum was renovated and in 2014, Tumbler Ridge was awarded the UNESCO Global Geopark designation.

As the only UNESCO Global Geopark in the Western Canada, the opening of the Tumbler Ridge Museum has exponentially advanced the opportunity for geological awareness and appreciation for all Canadians.

Tumbler Ridge Museum staff educate their guests on the historical and geological significance located right under their feet. Dinosaur track tours are offered along with scientific advisory, fossil replication, exhibits, educational kids camps, a gift shop and much more.

‘Dinosaur Camp’ is a thrilling and fact-filled adventure camp for kids aged 7-14. Get ready for track scavenger hunts, hikes, fossil creations and a whole lot more dinosaur fun! There is also a selection of guided sunlight or moonlit walking tours that follow the prehistoric dinosaur-rush trail.

Be sure to experience the local history, geology and paleontology as preserved by the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation. Visit the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery in Tumbler Ridge today!

Photo credits – Tammy Pigeon,Technician, Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre

Meet the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation

Meet the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation is managed by a volunteer board consisting of 12 directors. Since the Foundation’s inception in 2003, the board ensures advancement of the museum’s projects and serves its vital members.

This non-profit society’s mission is to “develop and maintain the Tumbler Ridge Museum for the benefit of residents and visitors, highlighting the unique historical, paleontologal, mining, geographic and other features of the greater Tumbler Ridge area.”

Through fundraising and grant proposals, the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation employs two Palaeontologists and various summer programming staff. With the presence of their invaluable staff, the museum can promote tours, camps and other educational tourism initiatives in Tumbler Ridge.

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Open seven days a week
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