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Experience fitness like you’ve never experienced it before. Ridge Fit offers a myriad of dynamic classes for adults, youth and children. Classes range from Barre, Barre for Moms and Their Children, Yoga, Buti Yoga, and so much more!

Buti is a mix of Cardio, HIIT and Yoga. It’s like no other workout, and is personally one of my favourites. It’s fun, rejuvenating, and we listen to high beat music. It’s a low impact aerobic class that burns high calories while toning and sculpting your body to feats you never knew were possible. Ridge Fit is featured at many locations throughout town, including the aquatic centre, coffee shops, and other private spaces. Many classes offer childcare options, drop-in pricing and extra mats for use.

Don’t let inexperience stop your from joining in on the fun- all classes are modified to suit many fitness levels and yoga/barre abilities. Michelle warmly welcomes attendees to each class, while gently encouraging a sense of ease and confidence. Check out her monthly schedule online and join a rejuvenating class with Yoga & Barre with Michelle today!

Meet Michelle Chisholm

Meet Michelle Chisholm

Michelle Chisholm is a woman of many talents. She is drawn to forms of artistic expressions, and the many channels that allow creative energy to pour out of every cell in her body. Yoga and nearly all movement styles have captivated Michelle's heart, leading her on a journey towards entrepreneurship and the opportunity to share her gift with others. Working as a yoga instructor since 2018 at the local community centre made the transition into small business ownership an easy feat. Yoga & Barre with Michelle was officially born in the early months of 2020, and with no regrets in the slightest, Michelle has taken her new role in the community by storm. “I believe fitness is an important part of your health and well-being.,” says the fitness instructor. “Whether you're trying to lose weight or reduce stress, my goal is to inspire others to be the strongest version of themselves.” Considering herself blessed in many avenues, living in Tumbler Ridge has contributed greatly to that sentiment. Michelle regularly marvels at the surrounding beauty of her remote and breath-taking paradise, while highlighting that it's truly the people who truly make her community such a wonderful place to live.


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