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The goal of Northern Lights Holistic Health and Healing is to approach the treatment of illness and disease differently than traditional Western medicine. They focus on practices such as reikii treatments, cranio sacral treatments and chakra clearing, balancing and aligning to maintain and treat a variety of wellness problems. This combination of different alternative health remedies help cure or lessen problems patients may be having.

Northern Lights Holistic Health and Healing is a proud member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

Northern Lights Holistic Health and Healing is continually striving to enhance the services and treatment offered. In 2018, Northern Lights Holistic Health and Healing will welcome Debbie’s husband, Dan Peever, an internationally certified personal trainer. Having spent most of his life dedicating himself to fitness, health and exercise, becoming a personal trainer has been a natural progression for him. Cupping and shamanic healing will also be offered in 2018 as well.

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Meet Debbie Peever

Meet Debbie Peever

Debbie Peever has been an entrepreneur all her life, owning and operating many businesses over the years. However, she admits it took her a while to turn this particular passion into a business. She knew there was a need for her holistic services in Tumbler Ridge and feels fortunate that she had both the means and opportunity to meet the needs that existed in her community.

This healer loves the freedom and flexibility that owning her own business allows and believes integrity is paramount for small town business owners. “You really must walk the walk and talk the talk, she explains. “I love that my clients are friends and family. I love that I am able to build personal ties with people that I see on a professional basis.”

Debbie is particularly fond of the sense of community that Tumbler Ridge exudes and says that even though everyone has their own busy lives to lead, people here will always take the time to lend a hand, run an errand or sit down for a tea. “Everyone knows everyone in Tumbler Ridge,” says Debbie. “I lived in a centre with over 80,000 residents for 35 years and never felt the bond that I feel with this town and the people in it.”

You’ll often find Debbie exploring beautiful Tumbler Ridge and its surrounding areas. Her favourite spots to enjoy are the meditative feel of Quality Falls and the electrifying energy of the Murray River. She also enjoys the majestic Kinuseo Falls, the numerous trails that lead to water pools, Mother Nature’s many gardens of healing plants and the enchanted forest and valleys. She also enjoys writing, sketching and doing pro bono readings and distant healing for the many groups that she is a part of.

This business owner admits she has noticed some changes around the town due to the closure of the mines noting that some new businesses were born during this time but for the most part, all businesses in the downtown and industrial areas have remained. Debbie is excited about all the work the District has been doing in promoting Tumbler Ridge as a recreational area and is thrilled that the Geopark has finally put Tumbler Ridge on the map!

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