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Moonstone Meadows Soap is passionate about making your daily lather an invigorating experience. Whether to you’re looking for products that are kinder to sensitive skin or for unique gifts, Moonstone Meadows Soap is the perfect fit. Their wildly fragrant handmade soaps are made with only the highest quality botanicals, aromatic organic spices, purifying earth derivatives and pure essential oils.

The result? Natural, fragrant handmade soap that is gentle enough to be used on ever part of your form! Crisp, fresh scents-the way Mother Nature intended.This is the only soap you’ll ever want to use.

Meet Vicky Harding

Meet Vicky Harding

In 2003 Vicky Harding was living in Fort St. John as a single parent with the cost of living outweighing her income. She wasn't happy and neither were her kids. “I sat down one day and wrote out what I wanted out of life and what my kids needed,” she explains. “A few months later I came to Tumbler Ridge for a visit with a friend and saw the opportunities to reach my goal. I have never looked back.”

Vicky is happy to operate in a small town and says that businesses in Tumbler Ridge have a friendlier atmosphere than those in a bigger community. "There is so much community spirit here,” says Vicky. “People help each other out in Tumbler Ridge. I also love that I live in an area of complete wilderness with lots of opportunities to enjoy it.”

In her spare time, Vicky loves travelling internationally and working on her property. She is slowly but surely building her own off-the-grid retirement home using recycled materials.

Vicky also owns and operates Moonstone Barber Shoppe.

107 - F Commercial Dr
Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0