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Be the change that you want to see in your life! You have the power to make it happen. Mila Lansdowne Coaching & Consulting is there to guide you through this amazing ride of self-discovery and self-actualization.

Her mandate is to “provide training programs that teach people how to understand, develop and apply the power of creative focused thinking around their talents and skills so they can build and live a fulfilling life.”

One-on-one personal coaching sessions are a very effective means in seeking a focused and fulfilled life. Mila offers up a myriad of coaching formats, with team coaching, half-day or week-long intensives, long-term coaching programs, online courses and retreats located at the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark. Custom coaching is available to suit the needs of Mila’s valued customers.

As a certified success coach, Mila Lansdowne Coaching & Consulting helps success-oriented individuals elevate their personal or business platform with results-driven mindset training. Clients end the sessions with clarity, a drive for action, increased energy and reduced stress.

With Mila and the support of Dream Builders Academy, your future’s success will undoubtedly thrive. Turn confusion into clarity and get the life you’ve always wanted. “You can live your dream. Are you ready?”

Meet Mila Lansdowne

Meet Mila Lansdowne

Mila Landsdowne hasn’t always had it easy. Life has thrown her some curve balls and yet she always comes out swinging and knocking them out of the park. Born in the Czech Republic and witnessing the Prague Revolution in 1968 while studying Engineering, Mila has always had a sense of purpose and meaning in her life.

After marrying her high school sweetheart, Mila developed her first career as a competitive ballroom dancer in Germany at 20 years old. Another 20 years flew by and with her second husband, the pair found themselves immigrating to Canada. Sadly after five short years, her love and life companion passed away, leaving her in the clutches of grief. Pushing past her own needs, Mila focused her life’s work and devotion on her widowed mother as a full-time caregiver for years.

None of that held Mila down. If anything, it fostered strength and stamina in her spirit to succeed. “I take control of my life, I’m self-employed and understand I am the cause of everything that happens in my life, which is a very empowering notion that I share with everyone who asks.”

As an entrepreneur and certified success coach, Mila sees the uniqueness in every individual. Small town Tumbler Ridge allows for the empowerment of people’s special qualities, supported by the close relationships among the community. She feels that the opportunities to help and serve her community are limitless. Mila is happiest “to witness the positive changes in clients' lives - it's the greatest reward of all.”

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