Jessie Olsen Creative Design

Media-Marketing & Sales-Signs, Banners & Decals

Opening a new business? Need help revamping a logo, or maybe you’ve got a new product that needs branding! Jessie Olsen Creative Design is a one stop for everything you need to set your venture apart from the rest. 

With a passion to help give you a design that will set you apart from others, Jessie has completed extensive training in her field to help her natural talents shine. An Associate of Arts In Fine Arts at Northern Lights College and an Advanced Diploma in Packaging and Graphic Design at Humber College are just part of the training she’s received, as well as a diverse and varied portfolio. 

Jessie takes each client’s ideas and helps them mold their vision into a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing package, consulting the client to make sure it’s a perfect harmony of what they need for their product or business. 

Consider Jessie Olsen Creative Design for any branding, packaging or re-branding you may need! Her work will help your business on its path with a new, creative look!

Meet Jessie Olsen

Meet Jessie Olsen

Owner Jessie Olsen has had a passion for creative design since high school! After completing schooling, she worked for a company, but when she realized that there was a market for freelance, her creative passion overtook and she launched into business for herself!
Jessie loves seeing her designs out in the world, and takes pride in the work she does in her community that reflects its spirit and vibrancy!
When she’s not behind a computer or with a sketchbook, Jessie loves to be out in nature, hiking or boating. Jessie is also an avid golfer and chairs the Tumbler Ridge Ladies Golf League in the summer!
One of Jessie’s favourite things about where she lives is how supportive her community is, and that the region sparks her creativity, both in its natural beauty and the businesses she helps!