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Hickory Lane Creations has been creating one of a kind artistic portrayals of the picturesque Rocky Mountains since 2012. Melinda Snider, the talented artist behind it all transports her clients back to the glorious surroundings of Tumbler Ridge with her vivid and beautiful artistic interpretations.

Hickory Lane Creations offers up local photography in various mediums including wall hangings, cards, magnets, t-shirts and much more. Majestic paintings, wood-working, crafts and photo books of flora and fauna are among the variety of beautiful and unique pieces in Melinda’s studio. Melinda is always happy to work with you and your vision to create your commissioned custom piece.

Melinda takes great pride in satisfying her clients and tourists alike with quality, valued mementos of their time spent in her hometown of Tumbler Ridge.

If you are you looking for that one-of-a-kind artistic piece, be sure to contact Melinda at Hickory Lane Creations today.

Meet Melinda Snider

Meet Melinda Snider

Melinda Snider sees beauty in all of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Her artwork and creativity are inspired by the majestic regions surrounding her beloved Tumbler Ridge.

Being hopeful of a promising future for the local economy, Melinda has vested everything she has in this wonderful community. Staying local and buying local are essential ways in which she devotes herself to helping her community thrive. “I can see the effects of my spending dollars and my tax dollars. It’s like throwing a pebble in a pond and watching its ripple effect,” says Melinda.

Being creative and having the opportunity to work in so many different mediums is something that Melinda treasures and she enjoys sharing her creations with tourists and locals alike.

143 Birch Ave (Box 274)
Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0


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