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Eye For Detail Photography is a small, professional photography company that dreams big! How big? Well, the tagline is “The World is our Studio.”

The main focus at Eye For Detail Photography is customer satisfaction, blending current and classic photography techniques to create a unique photographic vision.

The company’s specialty is people pictures, from family portraits to weddings to corporate headshots and the human side of business.

Located in Tumbler Ridge, Eye for Detail serves multiple areas across the Peace region to Prince George and even into Alberta. Eye For Detail Photography creates products that are individually tailored to each client. Trent will capture your special day or angle and allow you to enjoy and cherish it for the rest of time.

Replace stress and worry with adventure and excitement by working with the professionals at Eye For Detail Photography.

Meet Trent Ernst

Meet Trent Ernst

Trent has been behind a camera since he was 15 years old and has been shooting professionally since 2002.

He began his career as an outdoor writer, writing about the beautiful places people could explore in British Columbia. Unable to find a photographer willing to consistently join him on these adventures, Trent—already a passionate amateur photographer—filled this need with his own photography, thus forming the basis of his current passion: outdoor portraiture.

Rather than just shoot outdoors in available light, Trent, a self-described lighting geek, has also invested in all manner of lighting gear. It's this combination of natural and artificial light that helps give his photographs a distinct look. “When you take and combine studio lighting and the magnificent scenery found around Tumbler Ridge, you get magic,” he explains. “I’m not a big fan of being trapped in one place taking the same picture over and over. Early on I decided what I really wanted to do was take pictures of people outside, or in their own environment.”

Born in a small farming town north of Saskatoon, Trent spent most of his early years on the prairies. Moving to the mountains at 18 was a life-changing experience, and even now, Trent likes to spend his free time exploring the wilderness. He’s drawn to the fact that there are still corners around Tumbler Ridge where people haven’t been.

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