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Portal To Vital Health is an alternative clinic providing biofeedback testing services directed towards finding imbalances in the body and resolving them effectively and completely. Biofeedback is effective for scanning for organ and gland functioning, deficiencies, parasites, heavy metal intoxications, infections and many other conditions. Testing is non-invasive and available for all age groups and conditions, diagnosed or not. Portal To Vital Health also provides a full selection of natural herbal remedies, teas, custom-formulated tinctures, homeopathic and essential oil remedies and proven supplements. Energy work and classes teaching spiritual and related issues for improving quality of life, resolution of long-standing issues and energy healing complement the ongoing work of the clinic. Medical intuitive and psychic readings are the final ingredients in an alternative clinic like no other.

Meet Gina & Don Goad

Meet Gina & Don Goad

It is no coincidence to Gina Goad that she would live on a street called Independent Road in an area known as Peace Country. "Those word connections reflected my needs and I moved to fulfill them," she says. She would mark out a path for herself that would include taking care of a spectacular piece of land and striving to live off of it by growing an organic garden, operating her own business and setting her own hours that allow her to incorporate all of the things that are important to her in life.

Gina's work is not only a means to making a living, but a path to the sense of fulfillment she receives from helping others understand themselves better and work toward a healthier, more gratifying future. "I tend to blow peoples' minds in a very positive way enabling them to see their world in a different way that truly empowers them to change what isn't working for them," Gina says. "I ask only that they pay it forward so that others may benefit from their experiences. Life is an adventure but too many people are losing the fun."

Gina and her husband, Don Goad, find small town rural living plays a central role in their ability to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Daily life is quiet, peaceful and nature-filled and provides much more time and opportunity to be with people than is available when living in a big city. Here, says Gina, "you are not lost in the minions." Though the oil and gas industry has changed the culture somewhat, Gina believes that there is much to be thankful for when it comes to North Peace living. "There is opportunity to live off the land and flow with nature here," she says.

155 Independent Road
Tomslake, BC V0C 2L0


Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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