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Whatever your skill level, you can enjoy the scenic mountain views from a raft when you book a trip with Stellar Descents Back Country Adventures. Guests are given a guided raft ride down the Fraser River or Beaver River where breathtaking views await. For those who like to live on the edge, the white water option gives the added thrill of navigating raging rapids. Those who prefer a quieter, calmer ride can choose the scenic trip which is a leisurely float downriver with plenty of time to take in the mountains and woods.

Meet Justin and Vanessa

Meet Justin and Vanessa

The Fraser River is an awesome sight to see for everyone who comes to the valley, but for Justin Hachman, it feels like home. He and his partner Vanessa McGibbon, a local physiotherapist, recently acquired Stellar Descents after seven years of Justin working as a guide and falling in love with the Robson Valley. Justin introduced Vanessa to everything that whitewater has to offer and she quickly got hooked on the excitement and peace that can come with being on the water. They are expanding Stellar Descents to include whitewater kayaking instruction and stand up paddleboard tours and lessons to get people out on the water however they want to experience it. They live just down the road on an acreage in Tete-Jaune Cache and feel extremely lucky every day to be able to play in the rivers and mountains that surround them. In an effort to preserve the quality of water in the province the company supports the Rivershed Society of BC.

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