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The Wedgewood Guest House is an upscale, extraordinary and completely private bed and breakfast located within walking distance to downtown Terrace. The Wedgewood Guest House is a 362 square foot studio suite that is accessed through a private entrance.

With great attention to detail, the Wedgewood Guest House features beautiful antique furnishings throughout. Guests will enjoy the use of the beautiful chaise lounge, the cozy fireplace, a functional desk and the patio. The suite has its own private bathroom and a luxurious queen bed with high-quality linens. Guests can relax and rejuvenate while taking in the comforts of free WiFi, air conditioning and satellite television. Each morning, a delicious in-suite continental breakfast is lavishly enjoyed with silver cutlery and antique Wedgewood China, from which the Guest House gets its name.

Meet Gordon & Giselle Birch

Meet Gordon & Giselle Birch

Gordon and Giselle have lived in Terrace since 1988 and love to welcome people into their home. Over the years they have hosted many friends and family, even professional students during their internships and practicums. "It was always our vision to open a bed and breakfast," said Giselle. They recently renovated their ranch-style home to create a beautiful studio bed and breakfast with its own separate entrance and private bathroom. They are proud of the quiet atmosphere and privacy of their guest house. "We offer an upscale and elegant place to stay," said Giselle, "where guests can say they are somewhere special, they can feel special, where everything is taken care of for them." Giselle and Gordon enjoy operating their own business in Terrace and appreciate the flexibility that being an entrepreneur allows.

Gordon and Giselle are proud parents of two sons, have wonderful daughters-in-law and are honoured to be grandparents to four grandchildren. They love living in Terrace as it has that small town feel and all the amenities. They appreciate the friends they have made over their years in Terrace and the many close connections that they've established through Gordon's work as a plumber. Gordon is semi-retired now and keeps busy with projects in and around the home. Giselle loves to bike, walk and kayak. She loves the paved and landscaped trail that runs along the train tracks through town and recommends Howe Creek Trail. They love Terrace and are happy to share their love for the area with all of their special guests of their Wedgewood Guest House.

4829 McConnell Ave
Terrace, BC V8G 4H5


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