Thimbleberry Farm

Agriculture & Food Production

“For the love of food, land and community”, is the ethos behind the beautiful Thimbleberry Farm. Family run, Thimbleberry Farm is committed to providing the Terrace area with sustainable, delicious and holistically produced foods. Everything grown on the acreage is given careful nurturing attention, to promote growth and incomparable flavour. The aim of Thimbleberry Farm is to farm and grow the best quality produce and meat, with limited impact to their soils and environments. Environmentally friendly practices are part of the everyday on the farm, from free range pasturing of their chickens and rabbits, to no-till farming in their fields, which promotes healthy soil structures for better growth habits. 

Thimbleberry Farm takes pride in their farming practices and welcomes visitors (with an appointment) to show them how they grow! If you can’t make it to the farm directly, you can find their booth overflowing with fresh, vibrant produce at the Skeena Valley Farmers Market. During the Winter months, warm, crispy breads and sweet baked goods are also available. 

With a commitment to their community, Thimbleberry Farm has channelled their loves into something beautiful, sustainable and delicious!

Meet Vicky Serafini

Meet Vicky Serafini

Owner Vicky, has spent many years in the small business community, both as an employee and now as an owner. Vicky loves that owning Thimbleberry Farm has allowed her to work on things that really matter to her, and her community, like offering farm grown goods that are ethical and environmentally conscious. Vicky loves connecting with people in the region through her work, both customers and other small business owners alike. Vicky knows that small businesses are an essential part of a close and cohesive community. She values the relationships that are formed between shop-keepers/farmers and customers. These personal relationships allow patrons and business owners to communicate with one another about the specific needs of that community, adding new diversity and markets to the area.

2206 Archer Avenue
Terrace, BC V8G 1E7


Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:00
Find us at the Skeena Valley Farmers Market on Saturdays, May to October