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The Confidential Shredding Company is committed to your company’s security and privacy. Its confidential paper shredding and data destruction services ensure that your company’s sensitive information doesn’t become a target. Your privacy is The Confidential Shredding Company’s number one concern and it takes every precaution to ensure that there is never a security breach. The Confidential Shredding Company picks up your confidential paper and data right from your home or business, shredding it on site and transporting it away for disposal. The Confidential Shredding Company aims to be a zero-waste business. All shredded paper is taken to Terrace’s Hidden Acres Farm where it is composted into soil. Metals and plastics are also recycled.

Meet Jay Hughes

Meet Jay Hughes

Jay Hughes has deep roots in the community of Terrace which go back generations. "Some of those relationships that my grandparents established are still a part of my life," Jay notes. When you operate a small town business. those relationships help to drive the business and also allow you as a business owner to offer better, more personalized service. It is just one of the many things that Jay finds fulfilling as a business owner.

Before buying The Confidential Shredding Company in 2015, Jay worked for seven years as a support worker for his brother who has special needs. Now his brother works for Jay in his business. Jay feels proud to be able to work with his brother and help him develop meaningful employment skills.

Jay has always had an interest in business, so when the opportunity came up for him to purchase The Confidential Shredding Company, he jumped at it. He appreciates the challenges that are common to small business owners and derives a sense of satisfaction from problem-solving and successfully working through those challenges. "I like to make a plan and follow it through," says Jay. Part of his plan for his new venture is making his business a zero-waste company, no small feat for a business that deals with waste products. He's already well on his way, thanks to his unique partnership with other local businesses. Whatever items Jay's company collects that can't be recycled, like elastic bands and paper clips, get collected and donated for re-use or re-purposing.

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