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Terrace Artists is a diverse and unique group of artists who collaborate together to assist on art projects, art shows and art events in and throughout the community. Terrace Artists exists to offer support for local artists and to promote art and the art movement and culture in Terrace and the surrounding region. It is also a venue for local artists to network and makes important connections with each other as well as for members of the public to locate an artist for a personal project or commission work. Terrace Artists hosts and produces regular events, solo displays and art shows. Membership is open to any artist in the Terrace region.

Meet Terrace Artists

Meet Terrace Artists

Terrace Artists is a unique group of local residents who have a passion for art in its various forms and mediums. Harnessing the collective power of creativity, Terrace Artists uses its influence to encourage the mutual pursuit of art and to create opportunities within the community for people to participate in and view and enjoy artwork as well as to promote the work of its members. The group was launched in 2010 by local artist Matthew Daratha who had a vision for a united force of artists working toward a common goal of furthering local arts and artists.

Though it may be a small town, Terrace, says Matthew, has a vibrant arts community and many talented artists who call it home. Being such a friendly, open community made starting such a group an easier task for Matthew. Local artists were willing and eager to band together and pool their talents and resources in a way that would benefit the entire community and is simply reflective of the attitude of the community as a whole of supporting its fellow citizens in all aspects of life. And where better to create art than in a place like Terrace that is surrounded by so much inspiring beauty in the form of spectacular natural scenery?

Matthew is proud of the many talented artists that are part of the Terrace Artists group and of all of the amazing events and activities they have worked together to produce. Matthew is also grateful to the community at large which has been genuinely supportive of the local arts movement. He notes that local businesses like the Red Raven Art Gallery and the Terrace Art Gallery and even a number of coffee shops have displayed, shown and promoted the works of many local artists over the years.

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